"Yes, we do specialize in Baos, but Bao Bei is not just a name. "Bao Bei" is a term of endearment in my native language used to describe someone or something you treasure deeply. It is a homage to my family, who have instilled in me the traditions and recipes that I hold dear. Through Bao Bei, I will share these cherished aspects of my culture with the world, one dish at a time. It represents my duty and dedication I have towards my family and lineage. From my childhood, to your personal dining experience. "
- Kevin Hsieh

Bao Bei, a brand created by owner and chef Kevin Hsieh, is a venture in the restaurant industry that aims to preserve tradition and provide authentic Taiwanese flavors. Originally starting as a ghost kitchen in 2022, Bao Bei has garnered widespread support from both national and local food publications, including the Food Network, Washingtonian, The Washington Post, and Bethesda Magazine. Drawing inspiration from his family heritage, Chef Kevin Hsieh has curated an irresistible dining experience that encompasses a wide range of dishes, from delectable baos to hearty bowls and everything in between. The heart of the restaurant lies in its meticulously handcrafted baos, prepared with utmost dedication and love. Bao Bei not only promises incredible and decadent flavors of comfort food but also guarantees an unforgettable dining experience that pays tribute to Taiwanese culinary traditions.